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Sat Color Challenge-Mar 3 DQ

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After years of listening to old family stories surrounding the soft serve drive thrus, the kids had Dairy Queen right at the top of their bucket lists! Grandma Leslie made their lunch dreams come true.











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Oh, this is wonderful, Jaymee! Great pics and I love your Welcome sign! Funny story - when my daughter was three, and DQ was the ONLY place to go and was a treat for us to go there, she would always say, "let's live a little, let's go to Dairy Queen" - your layout brought that memory back to me this morning! Love your DQ logo and the placement of your pics - what a fun time the kids must have had! "Living a little at Dairy Queen" Super fun layout

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OOOOoohhhhh.. How YUMMY! I just love Dairy Queen ice cream! We don't really have the food ones around here and even the ice cream is a drive, but sure is worth it! LOVE your layout, too Jaymee - how creative! I like your muted Dairy Queen colors and how your photos are cornered and lifted off the page.. I also really like all the different pieces you put together for your background (I have such a hard time doing that).

You all look like you're having a wonderful time together and enjoying that ice cream. My mouth is watering - will have to go find some soft-serve today as our Dairy Queen hasn't opened for the season yet.

Great page! :)

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Great layout Jaymee! Wonderful photos, great journaling, and I love the embellishments. They are perfect. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

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I loved the DQ page! It reminded me to send Z a DQ gift card this spring! That boy loves his DQ! Your page is beautiful. Love, Mom

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