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Just for fun!

Just for fun!

Sketch by Robo-Draw on my IPhone - one would think I have nothing to do all day but play! I just found this cool app and had to try it! You can change the color with which it sketches and the line width - it's really pretty amazing to play with!

PS: He's really not looking sad - this is just his "putting up with Mom horsing around face"

    Wow! What a cool app!
    Cool photo. Fun LO with great journaling.
    That is cool!
    Wowee. Gotta get me some of that. It's great Sara. TFS. Kay
    This is SOOOOooo cool, Sara! :) Thanks for sharing.
    This is a cool app. Great effect.
    This is really neat! I might need to get one of those IPhone thingamajigs. :)
    Very cool!

    This is so cool, Sara! I love it! I love the expression on his face, too.
    Thanks Sara, off to get it now. Wonder if it will work with the IPad.