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P52 Week 10

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Whew, up to date! Had to download yesterday's photos so seemed easier just to do this :-)








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Oh, Jode - great layout as always! Just intrigues me how you manage to make your template look new, interesting and different week after week! Love your photos and how you included some of your layouts and photos of your walks around your town.. Just beautiful! I also enjoyed reading your descriptive words and matching them to the photos! Love the bird on the wire.... And, all the other pics, too! Great pages.. :)

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I just love seeing this every week - and I agree with Marilyn - your template always looks so fresh and brand spanking new! I just love the look of it - it always reminds me of a great magazine ad - the kind that make me want to look at them (and those are few and far between) - I like how you do your title with the week numbered and always enjoy seeing the great pics and the "list" of the things you've done. This is three layouts this morning? Gosh, girl, you just blow me away!

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Lovely layout Jode. I love the 'pig face boy' photo. So funny. I like that you put your one layout on as well. All lovely photos and journaling.

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