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Dilled Pasta Salad

Dilled Pasta Salad

This is written from memory, feel free to use less or more of any of the ingredients or add something else! My sister in-law made this years ago and I learned it from her. (I've been wondering when I could use the dill freebie I got here ages ago! *g*)


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    Oh, this sounds good! Your card is so pretty with the dill on it.
    Cucumbers! What a great idea for this. I usually use broccoli, or peas, but cucumber sounds perfect for a summer salad. Pretty card, too - the green & purple look good together.
    Love the sprig of dill on your card. :) Sounds tasty.
    Lovely card and this sounds yummy :)
    Your recipe sounds good, Becky - I love that you put cucumbers in it - can't wait to try this one! I really like that your card is so easy to read!
    I missed out on the dill freebie, but I do have a parsley one. :) I like how you matched the colors in the card to the colors in the dish. This sounds really delicious!
    The colors in this card are perfect for this recipe and I love the dill embellie! Sounds good and easy too, always a winning combo for me! TFS
    Great card and nice blending.
    Becky, this sounds really yummy and looks so easy to make. I like pasta salad! Your card is so pretty and I really like the colors you used and how easy it is to read. :)
    Becky, your card is so cute! I like this recipe - it sounds PERFECT for BBQ's!