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Fresh Vegetable-Pasta Salad

Fresh Vegetable-Pasta Salad

This is my daughter Pat's recipe. She is a good cook, and says it's yum! This has a front and back card. The 2nd card is Lemon vinaigrette. Thanks for looking.

Part one

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    Jean, I love the colors you've used on your yummy sounding recipe card and I really like that striped background too! The circle next to the rectangle looks super! Very pretty card and it's so easy to read!
    This sounds so good! I will definitely be making this. These colors look great together, and I really like how that grey background fades out at top and bottom. Wonderful card!
    Wow, this does sound YUM! With the lemon vineagrette I'll bet it is! Love that the cards are simple and easy-to-read. TFS!
    Lovely card. Yummy
    So pretty and the recipe sounds great!