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Fri. Challenge 3/9 - Morning Thoughts

Fri. Challenge 3/9 - Morning Thoughts

This is pretty much the conversation that runs through my head every weekday morning. As you can see, I wake up really early in the morning!!
What is that obnoxious noise?? Is that my alarm clock? Must...find...snooze...button. Got it! Ahhhh, 10 more minutes of sleep. Zzzzz... NO! Not the alarm again! I donít want to get up. Iím not going to work. You canít make me!! Ugh, there goes the 3rd alarm. *BIG SIGH* Guess I need to get out of my warm bed. Shower, brush teeth, feed cat, eat breakfast, check weather. WHAT TO WEAR?? Hurry hurry...time to go! Ready or not, the workday has begun.

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    LOVE this, Theresa! Your journaling is wonderful - really enjoyed reading your early-morning thoughts... Also really liked your photo and I really like your creative background and title... Very impressed you could be awake enough to take a pic at that early hour. Great page! :)
    Fabulous...and it makes me so glad to be retired and only have to respond to the alarm when I have an early tee time!
    OH! you DO get up early! I really like how you've tucked the photo in the blocks here, and really like how you used the blue stir sticks! Clever! Enjoyed your journaling too.
    Yikes! I think those would be my thoughts, too, if my alarm went off that early. I love your journaling, the colorful shapes, and that great word art. Mostly I admire that you could take a photo of the alarm at 4:55 am!
    Woa! I love this. I can identify with this - most of us feel the same way, but you made it into a light-hearted lament that is so fun. I like the "techno" look of your embellishments. That is one complicated looking clock. No wonder it's hard to find the snooze button!
    Love the layout: focus on that clock which looks like it could run a life, embellishments and alpha that convey your early morning fuzziness. Great journaling!

    I remember alarm clock wars, and as my hearing deteriorated, the need for a really LOUD alarm. And the morning litany of things to do. Has it occurred to you that you could get 20 more minutes of uninterrupted sleep if you set the alarm for the time you really need to be UP? And that 5:15 seems much less early than 4:55? Just a suggestion from one who hasn't needed an alarm for six years, except for early morning commitments, which are - purposefully - very rare. :sleeping:
    Great layout!! I don't have to get up as early as you do...but my sentiments are the same. I DO NOT like getting out of my cozy bed. EVER.
    Now this journaling brings back memories. Love your layout. I used to always wish our alarm could just ring at 6am instead of 5:45. Now that we have retired, we are up at 5am most mornings. Posted ImageCan't waste the day.
    Really cute page, Tiza! Love the journaling. I have a similar conversation....doesn't make the morning any easier either! Love the font you used! And I really like the way you used Elisha's collection.