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Frog Eye Salad

Frog Eye Salad

We love this recipe at my house. All supplies are from AMC_FruitSmoothie.

    Wow, can't make up my mind if this is supper or a desert. Sounds delumpcious. Why the name 'Frogs Eyes'? Pretty card.
    I've never heard of a dessert salad with pasta before. Sounds intriguing! Your papers are really cute. And I learned a new word from Belle!

    Sounds delumpcious.

    This sounds good, and the name is funny! Cool card.
    This sounds so unique that I MUST try it! It sounds like a combination of a couple of different salads that my mother used to make, only one was made with rice not pasta. I love the simple and easy-to-read card too!
    fun card. great look fun name too
    Sounds tasty. Pretty card too. :)
    Wow, I like this take on pasta and it sounds delicious! Love the sweet colors to your card, too! :)
    Oh my goodness this recipe sounds yummy - love your card too!