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8Mar12 - World's Richest Acre

This challenge was to use the newest photos on my camera. Luckily, I'd just visited Kilgore, deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas. The journaling is the text from the plaque which was placed there in 1966. The numbers have certainly changed since then, and the East Texas Oil Field has produced something like 5.2 billion barrels of oil and counting.


Journaling reads: Part of fabulous East Texas Oil Field discovered in 1930, this 1.195-acre tract had first production on June 17, 1937, when the Mrs. Bess Johnson-Adams & Hale no. 1 well was brought in. Developed before well-spacing rules, this block is the most densely drilled tract in the world, with 24 wells on 10 lots owned by six different operators. This acre has produced over two and a half million barrels of crude oil, selling at $1.10 to $3.25 a barrel. It has brought more than five and a half million dollars. A forest of steel derricks for many years stood over the more than 1,000 wells in downtown Kilgore, marking the greatest concentration of oil wells in the history of the world. Dozens of these derricks still dot city’s internationally famous skyline. Since 1930, the East Texas Oil Field has produced nearly four billion barrels of oil. It now has more than 17,000 producing wells, and geologists predict a future of at least 45 years for this “Granddaddy of oil fields” (1966)




BMU_BeautifulBlack_Paper_Special - black paper


EvaK Designs FaLaLaLaLa alpha - colored green

Red deep ribbon stitched from stash

Pine tag from stash

Planet Earth photo from NASA

Fonts: title and date - Segoe Script; journaling - Century Gothic

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My old stompin' grounds! Love the layout, great background photo of all the derricks. Great journaling, we all learned a little something today!

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My Dad worked the East Texas oilfields, so this is really interesting to me. Great-great layout. all the photos and elements work!

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Great perspective. It shows how large the towers are and how grand the ite must be. Wow a lot of oil.I also like the photo strip. Such a gret way to show several pictures .

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Wow! Amazing photos. I especially like the perspective in the largest photo. Interesting info, too. I like the dollar sign in your title. This is just a wonderful page! TFS.

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I agree with everyone. Amazing photos of the oil rigs. Love your title and all the $ signs over the layout. Great use of the photostrip and the large photo of the tower as the background.

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