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This recipe is one I use for making pasta. I used to have a hand crank pasta machine but now I'm in love with the Kitchenaide pasta attachments! But you don't have to have a machine to make pasta. You can just roll the dough into thin sheets and cut into lasagna width noodles. Or cut into narrower strips for a yummy pasta salad.

I used one of Brandy's Bon Appetit cards for this layout!

Easy Page Pro Album: 4x6 Bon Appetit Recipe Cards

    Great looking card! I'll have to get those templates, too. I've never tried making pasta, but maybe I will!
    That's a great template. It looks so easy to make pasta. Much easier to just open a packet though. Posted Image
    I am so impressed that you make your own pasta! Love this card too and my favorite thing is the photo of you in the corner! TFS
    I should be doing this! thanks for the tried and true recipe.
    I have the pasta rolling attachment for my kitchen aid mixer. I'm going to have to pull it out and give this recipe a whirl.
    OOHHH!!! What a wonderful card Angela! I love your photo with the pasta being made. And, the recipe reminded me of being a little girl in my grandma's kitchen. She had a wooden pasta board she used on the table, would put a "mountain" of flour on the board, poke a hole in it and then crack the eggs into it. Then, knead, knead, knead - I was fascinated watching her! She made all kinds of pasta - even ravioli and since there wasn't a lot of room to put them to dry, she'd lay a clean sheet on her bed and put them there for a bit.
    THanks for the memories and beautiful card - I'm going to try! :)
    Angela what a beautiful card - I love your pasta making photo AND I may have to try out this recipe!