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2012-3-6 a photo of me

omg...love love love this months ss .... it is way out of the box for my style but i just wanted to play with it and give it a try ..so please please cc is much appreciated as i try my hand at being an "artist"


my dgs took this photo of me... with his new camera and i just wanted to scrap it as it is one of the few photos of me and he did an amazing job..we gave him a real point and shoot camera for his third birthday last week. i used brandys ultimate artist action on the photo


i played and combined different layers from both angie and brandys ss papers and then added papers and blending modes..

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I absolutely LOVE everything about this! Fabulous look, wonderful grunge, and I love the photo of you and your camera. Outstanding work!

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Wow, I'm sorry - I can't say much more than WOW! You did a great job - love your blending and what you did with the photo - truly DOES look like a work of art!

And wow for your grandson, too - wonderful first photo he took!

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Looks like you are very comfortable outside your box! ;) Very artsy and wonderful! I also love that Nathan took the photo:) Following in his grandma's footsteps for sure!

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This jumped off the strip and made me come take a closer look... I don't know this months ss and I don't know your usual style but this is just wonderful... I can see lots of work has gone in to blending it all just right and making the photo artsy and every step has been worth it! The colours are wonderful, the blending and artwork are very professional looking and the journalling is fun!! I wasn't too sure about the star effect of the quote at first but when I read it I quite liked the way it tied in and it works with the circle... Cute quote to go with a photo :-) this is going in my favourites!!

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I'm with Marilyn on this one, WOW. I love it. You make me want to go and try the new club right away. I love the blending. In fact, I love everything.

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You rocked it Bobbie! It turned out artsy and fantastic. I am happy to see you doing a layout of yourself. Quite often we find ourselves like you in the artwork, "always behind the camera". You do have to take a different approach to scrapping with this month's club, but Angie & I hope everyone will explore this style a little more and like you, just have fun with it.

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This is awesome. I pulled this up with a gallery search of Ultimate Artist. I love the SS club, too. Ready to play with both of these and hope I can pull off something half as good.

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Love it Bobbie! I know this style is probably a big step out of the box for many users (it was for me when scrapping with it) But once you start it's so much fun...and what I found is there is no wrong way to do it. You did an amazing job with it!

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Wow, Bobbie. I love the artsy look, the marvelous blending and the beautiful color palette. I've just unzipped the club and hope to do half as good a job as you've done. This is just wonderful! By the way, I love the photo Nathan took. How perfect!

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Whoa! It would be fun to trot around with you to discover how you make all the elements come together! Truly fabulous! And it is of you, the photo author!

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