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Chicken Tetrazzini

Chicken Tetrazzini

This is one of the first recipes I learned to make as a newlywed (that was edible, anyway...there was the tuna pot pie incident of 1990, aka 'catfood in crust,' which my dear husband dutifully consumed with a smile on his face, but I digress..)

This is my favorite "use up the rotissary chicken from the deli" recipe. I'll admit I sometimes buy a deli chicken just to make this dish! It also works really well with leftover turkey.


    This sounds really good! I haven't had Chicken Tetrazzini in years. I'll have to make this one! I REALLY love the corner embellishments. The rooster, bowl, salt & pepper shakers - so cute!
    AH, Jaymee - I laughed outloud reading your notes about the tuna fiasco!
    Love your card - it's so pretty! Wow, you put so many pieces together so beautifully! I really like your embellishment cluster - so many interesting parts and put together so thoughtfully. (heehee... That poor chicken. Doesn't know what's coming!).
    Your recipe sounds yummy and easy to make! Thanks for sharing and for the very early-morning laugh! :D
    I laughed too when I read about your tuna dish - we had a thread awhile back telling our stories about our worst meal cooked and I remember my Dad eating my pie and asking for a second piece and I had forgotten to put any sugar in it! Rich was not so gracious! :) You recipe sounds yummy and it just happens we had chicken last night and I have a bunch of chicken breasts left over so this would be a good one to try! I like that your card looks like an open recipe book and the recipe is so easy to read! (love it when I don't have to put my reading glasses on to read a recipe!) Great card, Jaymee!
    Jaymee I loved reading your description --- too funny, anyway I also digress --- such a pretty recipe card AND another recipe I am definitely going to be trying!
    Oh, Jaymee, you are so funny. Must remember "catfood in a crust." What a hoot - but I, too, digress - your recipe looks great and I like the collections you have used here. (especially the rooster and the canister.)
    Cute cute card! And the recipe sounds pretty easy and yummy too!
    Love your cluster. Great card