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Escape to Orlando (left)

Escape to Orlando (left)

My best friend, Lynne, broke her arm day before yesterday and I hope this cheers her up a little. :)

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May 31 - June 1, 2010

Lynne and I went to Orlando, FL for our second BSB concert in a week.
Hotel, swimming, eating, festive bevvies, and our favorite Boy Band.
Who could ask for more?!

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    Wow, cool two-page spread, Becky! Your photos are wonderful and look almost 3-D the way you arranged and cornered them.. I really like the journaling tucked into the top and the title you used. AWwwww... Good luck to Lynn - I hope her arm feels better, but I'm sure your pages will do a lot to help that! :)
    I really like this - especially the scattered beads.
    So sorry for Lynne - hope her arm heals fast! It looks like you two had an awesome trip to Orlando! Love the fun title and the rounded photo corners. I really like how you arranged everything on the page. Great page!