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Journaling:It amazes me how one single small seed can produce a flower that in turn can produce multiple seeds. I love the sunny yellow face of the sunflowers that danced with the wind in my side garden this past year. Standing tall against the garage wall they were like rays of sunshine on a stalk that delighted the eye whenever you rounded the corner. But summer delights give way to fall and the death of a once vibrant plant now stands drab and brittle rattling dry leaves in chilly winds. With this withering away of life the seeds fall to the ground. They silently, slumber under the November rains and December snows resting. For a long season they wait. But soon the winds of spring will bring the warmth needed for the mystery of the seed to renew the life it holds within.

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Ohhhhhh... Lei. Just gorgeous. Love your photos - the contrast is amazing. I also really like how you masked and framed each one differently. Your journaling is beautiful and I really like how it comes down the page. Your soft background really enhances the page and the little birdie is so cute. Wonderful layout! :)

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