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March Game 4 - West Mountain

March Game 4 - West Mountain

I threw this one together in a hurry, and I like it better than the last one which took ages to finish. Go figure!

Journaling reads: The West Mountain Trail looked inviting. A brown thrasher, very similar to a mockingbird, posed for us with a grub in its beak! We found an interesting bug trap in a mulberry tree. It was marked "GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB." We chose not to sample the mulberries, although we were tempted! 16 May 2010

4 photos, 3 papers, journaling block w/journaling, odd # of embellishments, alpha, shadows

BMU_Mossy_Paper_Fallen - green leaf paper
BMU_Mossy_Paper_Soft - mottled light green paper
BMU_Mossy_EMB_PaperClip - paperclip
BMU_Mossy_WordArt_Wood_TWay - this way sign, darkened slightly
SJO_TwilightMagic_Paper_Green - main paper, middle
JDE_WNature_Camping_Special1 - compass, coordinates with Watercolor Nature Camping Collection
Brown Leaf Deckled Vellum mat from stash
Frame cluster from Raspberry Road
Title stamp alpha from Jeri Ingalls
SJO_TwilightMagic_Emb1_Screw - screw
Font: Book Antiqua

    Scrumptious greens! I love your photos - they remind me of the mountains here! I really like the sweet little bird's nest with eggs that you've added - it's the perfect touch for your layout!
    Ditto what Sara said about the greens! I especially like how you split the papers. I especially like how the natural embellishments helped frame the photo on the lower left. That government box adds a great splash of orange. All the photos are wonderful -- good for you being able to snap the brown thrasher with his lunch! Great layout!
    Wow, I think your layout is very inviting, too! Love your beautiful photos and that path with all thte gorgeous greens pulled me right into your page. I also really like the warm background you used and the cute embellishments. Hard to believe you "threw" it all together - it's wonderful! :)
    Beautiful layout --- everything on this page just POPS, I love the embellishments you used, your journaling AND the placement of your beautiful photos - love it!
    Love the lovely photos and the interesting journaling. Very pretty colors. In South Africa a box like this would last all of 5 minures before being stolen.
    A very pretty layout. Your pictures are beautiful. The colour amazing!!
    Stunning layout. You photos and papers work very well together they make you feel as if you are there in person.
    This looks like a place I'd like to go. Great layout, Smokey.
    Love how this page draws you in and you keep finding more and more neat things. You are so right - the ones we spend all the time on don't seem to turn out as well the quick ones. (they were probably inspired!)
    What lovely photos! I like all the fresh green with splashes of orange. I like the trail marker, wooden frame and nest.