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Week 3--I.B. Costumes

Week 3--I.B. Costumes

This has been a fantastic month! I have gotten so many LOs done, I may have to start scanning some older pictures just to have something to scrap. :)

Journaling: At Handley, the students come from a variety of cultures. As a result, holidays are down played. At Halloween, the kids are still given a chance to dress-up, but the costumes become I.B. (International Baccalaureate) Trait Costumes. The students must dress as a character in a book and identify which traits that character displays. For his Kindergarten costume, Joshua wanted to be the house that Jack built. We explained that he needed to be one of the characters, not to mention we didn’t know how to make a house. He insisted and even went to his teacher for permission, so we agreed to help him be a plank of wood. Jordan chose to be Officer Buckle from “Officer Buckle and Police Dog Gloria” for his first grade costume. He was still small enough at the time to draw the uniform on an XL pillow case. Grandma loaned him a hat and the costume was complete.

Supplies in EXIF.

    What a wonderful layout and terrific idea for Halloween dress-up. I love it! Love your great photos, too and enjoyed your journaling. Such a cheerful happy layout - beginning with those big grins!
    Clever and original costumes! (I love that plank-of-wood idea. How fun!) I like the bright colors and energetic feel of your layout. So perfect for lively boys.
    Fun layout, love the layering and the embellishments used. great costumes they had.
    Our school is an I.B. school too. We love the learner profiles. Great layout. Love the colors.
    Oh my goodness Monica what a great layout - I love all the bright colors you used, your journaling AND I love your precious photos!
    What absolutely fun and lovely photos. I just love all the colorful embellishments and papers that you used. A wonderful layout. Well done.
    Great layout. The colours are great and so are the embellishments. Your photos are so much fun. I love the costumes.
    What a bright and cheerful page! Perfect compliment to the photos! Love the circle stamps, too! Well, really everything about this!
    Great layout.
    This is a fun layout. Happy and colorful.