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Night in the City - Road Hazards

Night in the City - Road Hazards

This is a two-page layout. You can find the overall view here, and the second page here. A close-up view of the strip of photos is here.

Can you tell I enjoyed making this layout? :D

Journaling: One fine summer night, our three boys wandered around the city on a photo adventure with some of their friends. They found a hubcap, so John posed for an anti-speeding poster. They found other things on the side of the road, too.

Photo 1: “Hey, Steven! Try this on!” “Okay, John!”
Photo 2: “Wow, you’re light, Steven!” “John!! Let me OUT!!”
Photo 3: “I said I was sorry, Steven!” “Steven? Steven?? STEVEN!?!”

Wanted by Jen Reed; Wanted Alpha (2008) by Jen Reed
Butterfly Kisses Alpha (City, Night) by Jen Reed
Photos by Brittany Dengerud
Template by Miranda
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    Love this. Great page. Boys can really have fun when they get together.