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Project SG Challenge 2012, Week 13

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3/25/2012 - FUMC Men’s Ensemble debut!

3/26/2012 - Captain Christopher Newport


Cool Fact! While doing some research I discovered that Captain Newport was my 12th Great Grandfather!

Newport News, VA is named for him.


3/27/2012 - My first trip to the ER. CT scan showed itty bitty kidney stones.

3/28/2012 - Dusty still loves his Angry Bird best.

3/29/2012 - Or maybe he loves his bunny more. It varies.

3/31/2012 - Back to the ER, this time they kept me. (to be continued!)







SNU_Noteworthy_Paper-Notebk (flipped horizontally),

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Two hospital photos on one page can't be a good thing. Great job keeping current!


There will be more in this week's LO. *g*

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So sorry about the ER visits, but I loved the rest of your page! Dusty looks so cute with his toys. And, wow, you're famous! Or at least you have a famous relative! :) He looks quite distinguished. (And I like the red arrow.)

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They always keep me too when I go to Emergency... least it is fixed now and it DOES make an interesting week! Can't believe you are still current, you go girl!!!

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So sorry I missed this first time around, Becky - was sure I'd commented but Oh, well...

Love your photos but sorry for those emergency visits! Only a true scrapper would have a pic! :D I really like your background that looks like a spiral book and how you placed your journaling. Great page!

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