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St.Petersburg, 2011

St.Petersburg,  2011

My Mom asked me to look at her photos she took while on holidays. I took two of her photos, one a sunset and two a white bird sitting on the balcony at the hotel. I layered the bird on top of the sunset and used the pinpoint blending mode on the bird. Did a little erasing to show off the sun, framed the pictures.
Added embellishments and a lot of styles and a little brushwork.
I hope she likes it!

    I love how this all turned out. The blended photos are outstanding, and I like the nautical frame and embellishments. A lovely page!
    Very interesting.
    What a creative picture! I like the two photos separately, and they look cool together. All the nautical things add to the overall effect, too. Love the frame and the title capitals! :)
    How could she NOT? Like it I mean. That blended photo is stunning - how truly gorgeous. ANd, I really like how you framed it and the background you used.
    What a great idea. Stunning layout.
    I think she'll love it. It's wonderful. The blending is amazing!
    Great blending work, and again the palette is just lovely. Love the sandy treatment around the photo, and your background paper. Inspiration for my next few projects!
    Lovely LO! The way you blended the photo is awesome! Love the sand sprinkled all around and the way you did the "S" and "P" in the title.