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Th 4/5 - I'm Stronger Than You

Th 4/5 - I'm Stronger Than You

I thought this series of pictures was pretty funny.

Journaling: Steven carried two people, but Kristine looked the best, so I vote for her.

Golden Vanity by Jen Reed
Fonts: Tiiza, Times New Yorker

    Lovely fun photos. The colors are great and I love the frame. Great layout.
    Fun photos! I like the rough textures in your background and the way you've framed the photos. Cute idea to put the medal on the title, too. :)
    They are funny, and I vote with you! Super cute page and fun memories. Perfect title! Nicely done work for the challenge!
    This is great! I agree with you - she is probably stronger for her body mass than he is for his. I like how the frame picks up the clothing colors, and the design is great. Thanks for joining in this week's Thursday challenge!