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Friday 4/6 Neutral Colors - Friends

Friday 4/6 Neutral Colors - Friends

John was wearing a BRIGHT red shirt, but I wanted the boys’ smiling faces to be the focus of this page, so I turned the rest of the photo black and white.

Reflections of the Heart (some parts re-colored) by Jen Reed (two alphas, fringe, flower, leaves, background paper); Paper-Special (frames, lightened) from Naturally Neutral by Brandy Murray; Paper-SPECIAL (used as overlay for edge of page) from AdventureLand by CED; Font: Teen; I submitted this page to the Scrap Girls Friday 4/6 Customer Challenge.

Journaling: We’re glad our three sons are good friends. They have always --- well, most of the time --- enjoyed each other’s company.

    They look like they are truly enjoying themselves. :) I like how all the neutral colors bring the focus to the boys' photo. Nice edge treatment, too, especially with the date and place.
    Lovely photo and well done with the coloring. I really like that the shits are black and grey and the focus is on their beautiful smiles. Love the frame.
    Awesome photo and love what you did with it :)
    Really good job on re-coloring and framing a happy photo.
    Great job recolouring! I love the photo and changing the colour really does focus their cute expressions! Great masculine embellishments (plus the flower!) too. That houndstooth really works well here.
    Clever idea to change all but the 'boys' to B&W. It really made it work well for your perfectly neutral coloring. I'm glad your guys are best friends, too. My sister is my best friend and I bless my lucky stars every day!
    Gosh, this is lovely. Your photo rings happiness and togetherness and I love how you made the boys' faces the focus of your page. Wonderful layout! :)
    Great shot of your three boys! I love the small circle alpha in the corners!