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A joke layout based on the Wikipedia description of Surprise. The text reads:

Surprise represents the difference between expectations and reality, the gap between our assumptions and expectations about worldly events and the way that those events actually turn out. In essence, surprises are the end result of predictions that fail.

Surprise is expressed in the face by the following features:

Eyebrows that are raised so they become curved and high.
Horizontal wrinkles across the forehead.
Open eyelids: the upper lid is raised and the lower lid is drawn down, often exposing the white sclera above and below the iris.
Dropped jaw so that the lips and teeth are parted, with no tension around the mouth.

Spontaneous, involuntary surprise is often expressed for only a fraction of a second. It may be followed immediately by the emotion of fear, joy or confusion. The intensity of the surprise is associated with how much the jaw drops, but the mouth may not open at all in some cases. The raising of the eyebrows, at least momentarily, is the most distinctive and predictable sign of surprise.[2]

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    This is so fun!
    Inspired! Funny on so many levels! I love the wit and wisdom blended perfectly with the queen of comedy. Well done!
    This is masterful!
    Such fun. I love your interpretation of 'Surprise'. Everything is just so unusual. I enjoyed your journaling.TFS.
    oh I just LOVE this layout...what a wonderful idea
    Great layout. I love the extraction of the definition and Lucy is the perfect subject! Amazing job.
    I LOVE this! Can we ever look at Lucy without laughing? And she certainly has that "surprise" look mastered! Great creative layout, though your creativity is no surprise. :D I especially admire the way you skewed the striped paper, something I have lots of trouble with. :hit-head-with-hammer:
    Wonderful decpiction of "surprise" and I enjoyed your journaling! :D
    What a fun layout! I love how creative you were with the theme this month! I just love Lucy!!
    I love your layout. I especially appreciate the informational journaling and the photo of Lucy. What a creative design you have made!