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PAGE 2: Just when we thought our early spring was a sure thing, March gave us its last hurrah in the form hail storms on the 31st. I thought the photos I took of the hail might be good in a LO for the Friday customer challenge to use ‘neutral colors’.


Supplies Used-SG's:

ABR_BgWthU_AYO_Paper-Solid; ABR_BgWthU_AYO_Emb-Frame3 & 4; ASO_FrostedGlass6401-Textured style; SBA_BasicShadows6501 styles


Other supplies and fonts are in the EXIF properties.



Just when we thought our early spring was a sure thing, March gave us its last hurrah in the form of 3 separate hail & torrential rain storms on the 31st. Luckily, it was only up to about my favorite chocolate-covered coffee bean size, but boy was it noisy, lasted a long time, & covered the ground like snow!


My Money Plants were at the height of their flowering, blanketing the gardens with a sea of white. The storms knocked most of their flower petals to the ground. It also demolished the flower heads of the few Irises that had just started blooming plus shredding and pounding the Hosta leaves until they looked like pulp.


I had to remember that it could have been much, much worse. I could have gotten the golf ball-sized hail that they got a little further south or the terrible tornados that have plagued the US this year. And my mother’s red rose bush could have been blooming. Nature will take care of it’s ‘pretties’ just as it was designed to do. The Money Plants will continue to make ‘money’ so that they can spread their seeds for the next generation. The Iris buds will produce more flowers, and the Hosta plants will make more leaves. Life always goes on . . .

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I love your journaling -- and also the way the two pages look together. Great fonts, too (I'm kind of a font nut, lol). Thanks for letting us know what you used.

Also, other people might have worse troubles, but it's still sad to lose your money plants. At least you got a couple of great layouts out of their loss!

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