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Mischief Maker

Well, there's no place for the eye to rest on this one :-) That's okay....it's for Mischief Week, after all.


My very own thirty year old, college educated, professional, youngest son. Yes, this is a recent photo, LOL.

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HAHA... Made me laugh, Dot -- what a great photo and layout! Love the bright Superman-like colors and your title is great! :)

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Oh my goodness Dot what a great layout - I love, love, love your journaling, the way you did your title AND Kevin's "super" cool photo!

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I'd say the coolest thing about your son is allowing you to take the pic and put it on a public site;) LOVE his sense of self that allows this - he sounds like a great guy (and how could he not be with a cool Mom like you!?)

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