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Mess or Masterpiece - Matthew

Mess or Masterpiece - Matthew

I wasn't at the chat, so I'm not sure I picked all the folders right, especially the alpha and brush set.

Got lucky on the photo and a couple of the papers, but the embellishments and alpha would not have been what I would have chosen to go with this photo. I used the erase tool to blend the two papers together, hope that's ok.

Supplies in EXIF

    Gosh, Valerie - this is GREAT! I'd say you have a Masterpiece! Wonderful page.. :)
    I think it looks cool - his photo definately goes with the word art - he looks cute but impish too! LOL
    Well I think you were very lucky with the choices. I love this. The background is lovely and I love the mesh background. Great photo.
    This actually turned out great! I love the photo and the colors you chose (or did you choose them? I didn't see the "rules.") Anyway, I think this looks surprisingly wonderful.
    You ended up with a masterpiece! It's all the luck of the draw :) Really cute photo - love that spiky hair! Thanks for joining in the challenge.
    Valerie this turned out darling. You did a super job on using the embellishments you were dealt!
    I agree it is a masterpiece... the flowers might have thrown you but balancing them like that you barely notice them! The papers are wonderful and that brush work is so apt, terrific photo btw!
    the wordart brush and the photo go perfectly together.
    Turned out fine! Very cute look on Matthew's face!