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Mess or Masterpiece..... Ali & Friends

Mess or Masterpiece.....    Ali & Friends

Mess or Masterpiece? Not a hard decision! :D I had lots of fun with this layout - refreshing not to stress over every little piece and placement and just DO it without it having to be PERFECT! I actually love the permission this challenge gives me to make a MESS!
For this mess I used:
My own photo
KSC Breathe Collection
JDE Zip Kit Watercolor New Year
ASO Fab 5 Macro Collection
DEB Mixed Media Collection
JDE Watercolor Florals Collection
AMC Jolly Elf Embellishments
MRE Inspired Word Art Tickets
CED Wee Tot Collection
BMU Peaceful Collection
BMU Dynamic Brush: Background Blenders

    A really fun page, love your blended photo and your title, brilliant.
    Well I think 'Masterpiece' I love the riboon and the colors of the papers. Good choice. This is quite lovely and the blending is lovely.
    the elves are a little weird (like my dance charm! LOL) but the colors look fab & I think you ended up with a fun "mess" :) love the blending!
    I love how the ribbon is the edge in the background change on bottom. I haven't seen that before.
    Love your title! I like the way the ribbon goes across the bottom and divides the colors. Pretty blended photo, too. The jaunty Christmas elves are a hoot! Fun page, Marilyn!
    Those elves make me laugh. You did a great job with them!! You sure lucked out with that brush set - the blending mask made the photo treatment easy!! Fun page, Marilyn!
    :o) love this Marilyn. LOve that you didn't just hide the elves but made them a focal point. What fun!
    oh wow... you think this is a MESS?? I love what you did with the paper down front, I think the elves are adorable (we have a warm xmas so it doesn't seem TOOOOOOO odd!), the ribbon is fab (wish I got a ribbon boohoo) and of course with a gorgeous photo like that... I don't know who made what mess, but I know who made a masterpiece!
    This looks great! Love the ribbon that defines the edges of the black and red papers. Gorgeous photo, beautifully blended. It certainly is not a mess, however, I'm finding I learn more from my messes than the ones I obsess over.
    How cute! That's a great, happy photo, and the elves make me smile. A wonderful layout! :)