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Mess or Masterpiece

Mess or Masterpiece

I got a photo of a sea lion and then the first embellishment was a lion. Can you believe that the embellishment next to the lion was a sea lion with a ball on it's nose. I suppose that's what the challenge is all about. I even considered deleteting one embellishment so that I could use the sea lion, but I could just not get myself to do that. Then what to do with a medical symbol and a stamp of Big Ben. The clock and the peg was not to bad. It was great fun but I'm sorry I missed the chat.

FOLDER #36, PHOTO #40 Sealion


FOLDER 2, PAPER 6 ABL_Birdsong_Paper_Brown

FOLDER 18, PAPER 3 ABL_Birdsong_Paper_White

FOLDER 24, PAPER 11 ABR_OldFriend_Paper_Green_Emboss


FOLDER 9, EMB 20 STI_DigStickers_LilOne_Lion

FOLDER 16, EMB 42 AMC_AYO-Zoom_Gleeful_Emb_Clip-Blue

FOLDER 45, EMB 5 BMU_EMB_CelebrationStation_Clock

FOLDER 61, EMB 28 CKA_ATAE_Emb_Stamp-BigBen

FOLDER 32, EMB 14 BMU_GenHospital_MedicalSymbol-2


ALPHA SET 26 AWI Paper Piercing


BRUSH SET 12 BVA Dyn Brush set Bokeh 1501

    Love what you did with what you got, great picture and placement of embellishments.
    Wow, Belle - amazing to get the lion pic! I like the way you pinned your tags and how you put this all together. Did that sea lion travel to London and see Big Ben? :D
    You did great, what a weird lot of embellies! LOL I had a couple of "near misses" with selections too but that's what makes it fun :) Cute LO!
    Well, all I can say is.... this is an interesting group of items! I love the clothespins and I actually enjoyed wandering around the various parts to the page. Great job on this, Belle!
    You did have some interesting embellishments to work with, but you got them all on one page! At least you those animals sort of go together, with a stretch of the imagination! I'm glad you put together a page. Sorry you missed the chat!
    Belle you had a very weird combination and you did a great job of pulling this together. Missed you at the chat!
    I loved the lion! I thought it was brilliant to have gotten that till I read your words, wah! I really love the way you pulled it together with your clever note cards and the medical symbol I had to HUNT for... good hiding spot! Great orange bokeh too to pull it all together, masterpiece for sure!
    I think you ended up with the oddest selection of supplies...but I love your title
    Boy did you get some strange items - but you did a great job putting them together. Really like your two lions.