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lol...I'm definitely going for Mess with this one. Thank goodness for blending modes, at least it isn't quite as harsh as when I started. :P

The required supplies:


FOLDER 2, PAPER 6--ABR_JustBU_OrangePaperSpec,
FOLDER 18, PAPER 3--BHA_Stylize_12x12_BlueFloral,
FOLDER 24, PAPER 11--CED_SSPaper_Textures10404_SPECIAL,

FOLDER 9, EMB 20--AMC_FruitSmoothie_Emb_Flower_Blue,
FOLDER 16, EMB 42--BHA_SSEmb_Special_MyStories_Label,
FOLDER 45, EMB 5--JWH_Playlist_Emb_CD,
FOLDER 61, EMB 28--PWR_SoBig_Emb_Lace,
FOLDER 32, EMB 14--EBA_Homebody_Emb_Special-comp,

ALPHA SET 26--TCS_DoggyTales_Alpha,

BRUSH SET 12--JHI_FreeGift_Brushes_LayeredHearts

    I WANT to say masterpiece... but I can't lie lol! Bad draw on the supplies, but it looks like a great cake!!
    lol...thanks, Jody! You should have seen last years...a pale blue menorah and a bright purple Mardi-gras mask paired with a dark teal paper with red accents! I never have any luck.
    actually I think you did an excellent job with this...quite the challenge to pick supplies randomly and make them work.
    This actually looks pretty cool! I especially like the angles of the papers you used, and that great big arrow.
    Oh my I thought I had some challenges :). Super effort at putting this all together.
    Well I think you did a great job with your choices. Lace with a motobike. Posted Image. Still, I love your layout.
    I agree - your element may not be the best, but you sure put them together into a creatively pleasing page!