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Mess or Masterpiece 13apr12

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I was going so well until I got to the first paper.. and the second... and that heart tag... the rest were ok-ish... the best of having both boys - most things aren't pink!! Easier to get a match... Not sure I like it much as I desperatey want to tweak all the colours and get rid of that mismatched heart :( ... and fix his eye... But I like the photo! This is Callan at 5 months :-) (yes, he WAS very big for 5 months!)

Fun not having to pick my own supplies tho! Thanks girls!










cap_chickmagnet-starscatter copy 2





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Oh, Jode - so funny -"mess" or not -- I could still tell Callan's hearty smile and dimple right off the bat!

I like what you did - even got that flower in there without looking feminine! Love what you did with your papers and the sprinkled embellishments and I really like the heart and "C" -- great use of the alpha!.

Actually, I don't think this is a "mess" at all -- it's precious -- just want to squeeze those cute cheeks! :D

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He was so adorable! Big little cutie! I don't know what bits and pieces you were forced to use for this, but I think it turned out great! I absolutely love it!

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I think we can class this as 'Masterpiece', it's perfect. Nothing wrong with the heart. Love, love, love the sweet photo.

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