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Friday Customer - 13th April - Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes

I had never used the sponge tool before - it was set on desaturate and I used it on the the background dotted paper, the heart, the photo corners and the teddy bear. It dulled the pink of the items.


These toes and fingers belong to my newest little granddaughter - Jasmine Melody - born 6th March 2012. So both photos she would only be a few days old.


Credits: VRA_Baby Blanket

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This is stunning. I love those little tootsies and fingers. The color is lovely I must go check out that tool.

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What a pretty layout. I love the little fingers and toes too. Glad to see that you used the sponge tool, I have to try it out too. Lovely job.

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Oh, how interesting. I've used the sponge tool to fix up photos before, but never on anything from my stash. Hmmmmm....

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This is great. I'll have to try the sponge tool. Love the softness of the pink and that little teddy bear. Love the tiny fingers and toes. Who do they belong to?

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