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Extreme Pogo


© 2012 Eden

Extreme Pogo

A series of photos I took at the 2008 Buskers Festival in Halifax, Novia Scotia.

Credits in Exif.

    My goodness, I didn't realize there was such a thing. You did a beautiful job with your extractions and blending, and I love the use of text for the jumping off places. very fun layout!
    very cool!
    So clever! Great LO!
    Wow, how clever. Great extractions and title/journaling with the letters all over the place. Love the layout. So different.
    Oh my! I do like your title. I've never seen groupings of the letters like that before. Very interesting. :)
    Very fun layout. I love your background. Very cooll grouping of words. How amazing to be able to pogo like that.
    This is marvelous! I love the letters bouncing around and I especially love the perspective of the pogo-man against the sky. Very cool.
    This is so creative and visually the story is strongly supported.