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Neko-chan's Charlie Brown Birthday Cake

Neko-chan's Charlie Brown Birthday Cake

Journalling reads:
Neko-chan requested for a Peanuts cake, with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock on it. This is Auntie Suís cute and yummy
creation! (Mummy loves the Woodstock.)

This wonderfully cute and yummy cake was the creation of a personal friend, who runs a home-based baking business in her home in Singapore. We love her work so much, we willingly go through the hassle of collecting the cake from her home and then transporting it across Customs and across the bridge in Johor Bahru, where we live. Or rather, since my hubby works in Singapore, i basically order him to go collect it on his way back home, hehe!

i personally don't think we should restrict ourselves to 'Happy Birthday So-and-so' for birthday cake wordings, so i always try to come up with something different. This time, i was hoping that 'It's Your Birthday, Neko-chan!' sounds like the title of a Peanuts movie or TV special...

    Wonderful page and I so enjoyed your journaling and notes! Me too - Woodstock is my favorite Peanuts character and wow - what a special cake your friend made! :)
    I really like the cheerful colors you used around your great photo and the journaling flower. And, "joe Cool" Snoopy in the corner is just great! :)
    Love that cake! Your journaling and the cake photo are great.
    Love the cake, your journaling and the color blocking. We love Joe Cool - we have several who claim that name around here.
    Very cute cake! I like the simple design of your page that emphasizes the photo and echoes the colors of the cake. Joe Cool is a great addition, too!
    This is adorable! I really love the Peanuts characters too. That cake is a masterpiece!
    What a sweet cake...love Snoopy! Like the color blocking around this photo.