Rocket Science

I took these photos with a Polaroid, when the girls were just a few weeks shy of their third and fourth birthdays. We were visiting Dave's brother at Christmas time. I really wanted to focus on the left photo - two kids, their uncle and the dog, nose to nose, plotting what to make with the new Tinker Toys (although, on closer inspection, I think Mari was opening another package.) Dave got in the act, and the result was a rocket. I don't know how involved Mari was in the building, but she's the one who became an astronautical engineer; Karin really liked putting pegs in holes. I wound up using all three at the same size to tell the story.


Even though all three pictures were taken in the same basement room, with the same lighting, they were of quite different qualities, and I couldn't make the colors, especially the carpet, come out the same without losing detail. That was frustrating! Supplies are in EXIF file.

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You have done well with what you achieved with these older photos. I enjoyed reading your story behind the photos. Are you going to include that on a journal page to go with this page?

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I think your photos look great and didn't notice any of the difficulties you described so your efforts went well! Love the colors you used and I enjoyed reading your notes. WOnderful layout. :D

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Your page brought back memories of Tinker Toys and how they seemed to multiply under couches and chairs. Great photos of everyone working on their project. I like your rocket ship with the swirly dots. I agree with Ann-Marie, your story is so good, it needs a page, too.

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