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Friday Customer Challenge 20th April '12

Friday Customer Challenge 20th April '12

I don't often manage to do the challenges but thought I would try to do this one. Everything happens for a reason is a saying my mother in law used to say often and I find myself doing it too. The sunset is taken from our back garden.

I used :-




TXT_Tough Love & Arial


    Your proverb is one that I've heard so often; and oh my, sometimes very hard to understand. Your photo is stunning. A lovely layout.
    That is a good saying. Your photo is what grabbed my attention in the gallery. I like the way you used the photo of the plaque on the puzzle piece.
    That is a gorgeous photo! Very nice layout.
    Beautiful photo and lovely quote. Lovely layout.
    This is so beautiful Kay! Gorgeous photo and so lovely you can see it from your backyard! I really like your photo and how you used the puzzles pieces and intertwined the pretty ribbon. I also really like the sanded look and your proverb is perfect for your page! :)
    I like the way you linked the proverb back to your MIL... I believe the same, we just don't always know what the reason is... stunning photo and I like the puzzle pieces too :-)
    Beautiful sunset sky and the colors of your photos and ribbon go so nicely. I like how you chose the puzzle pieces for your pictures because life is a puzzle and we don't get to know how the pieces go together but somehow in the end they do. :)
    Truly words of wisdom. I love your gorgeous photo as well as the nostalgic-looking photo cluster in the corner. Lovely page!
    Lovely page! I like how you combined the gorgeous sunset photo with the picture of loved ones in the upper corner. Putting the quote in the shadow is very effective. You're right; we don't always understand the reasons things happen.