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Big Apple Pancake

One of DH's favorites. When he saw that I was making this card, he said, "OH, I love it when you let me sleep in on the weekend and I wake up to the smell of apple pancake in the oven!"....

...Do you think he was trying to hint at something???? Hmmmm, maybe I'd better pick up some apples at the market this week. :giggle_bear:











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Nicely put together recipe card and looks a nice recipe. I like eating apples but not cooked ones for some reason but my husband would enjoy this.

yes,...I think your husband was giving you a hint!!!

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As always, enjoyed and smiled at your notes Jaymee! I've had big apple pancakes at a Pancake House and loved it so very happy to see your recipe! Looks easy and sounds really yummy! Your card is so pretty and easy to read and I really like the dainy lace trim and the basket of apples. Great recipe card! :)

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Pretty, pretty card. The green checks, the lace and the basket of apples is delightful - so is your recipe. Now, if I could just get someone to bake that up for me while I sleep in!!!

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This sounds delicious, wonder if my family will like it. I like the aged card layers along with the basket of apples!

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Another recipe I can make in my cast iron skillet. This sounds wonderful! Love apples and pancakes! I adore the sweet simple card, especially the basket of apples!

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My mouth is watering. Sounds wonderfully yummy! Love the layers and the eyelet trim and of course the basket of apples really made it.

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