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Apri/Breakfastl: Brownie Waffles!

Apri/Breakfastl:  Brownie Waffles!

What would breakfast be without brownies? Rachael Ray featured these brownie waffles on "Waffle Week". I tried them in my Mickey Mouse waffle iron - yummy! :)

For this recipe card I used:
SNU Pixie Mischief Nano Collection
ASO SS Styles: Glitter Glows - 6401
BVA DLO Templates: 4x6 Recipe Cards (retired)
SNU Zip Kit: Pixie Mischief
and my own photos

    YUM! Can't I just fix these and walk around with one in my hand all day, Marilyn? LOL These sound awfully good! I knew right away it had to have something to do with chocolate when I saw the rich reds and browns on your card - delightful!
    These sound amazing!! I like the polka dot background and the way you included the Mickey Mouse brownie waffle picture!
    Oh, brownies disguised as waffles for breakfast- sounds fabulous. Love the photo you included too. Great card!
    Hee hee... is there any meal of the day that doesn't lend itself perfectly to chocolate!?! hahaha.. i love chocolate and I love waffles and I love chocolate waffles... but brownie waffles?? Who knew!?! Sound delicious and look delicious - I love your Mickey waffle iron and the way you used the red and white Disney dots in your card... it kinda links to berries and cream too... d'oh! It's bedtime now and all I can think of are waffles.... mmmm... waffles.....
    Wow, what a great idea! Love the colors--perfect for this recipe, Marilyn.
    sounds delicious!
    I would never have thought of chocolate waffles. Brownie waffles - even better! The colors are perfect and love the picture! Super card Marilyn!
    Chocolate for breakfast - does it get any better than that? Love the cute card too, especially the color combo and the photo! TFS!
    Brownies! Best way to start your day. Thanks for this recipe - must give it a try.
    This looks so good I probably shouldn't eat it!!!! Great card.