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Week 4 January 22-28

Not much decorating on this set, but I'm calling it done and moving forward. Just about done with January. :D

Thanks for looking!


Bob built a nice warm fire on Sunday. I sat next to it and read a book all afternoon. Charlotte and her roommates dressed up for a “nerd party”. They were also joking about someone who had labeled all their eggs in the carton, so they were silly and labeled the toilet paper squares. Thomas studied for finals- we worked on Spanish first. Cathrine is practicing injections in dental school. This week she was the patient. I made Almond Biscotti on Friday. I still need to adjust the recipe a little, but it was really good. I cleaned out my closet on Saturday and filled a bunch of donation bags. I love a clean closet with all my clothes arranged by color.

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Wow, April - love this page and your photos and really like the way your clothes look arranged by color! Those biscotti look so yummy! I enjoyed your journaling - too funny, a "nerd party!"

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