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2011 December 31

This is the last page for my 2011 book with the exception of the title or introduction page. The items used are listed in the EXIF properties. TFL

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I love, love, love your page. Background papers are so festive, the writing in the bracketing is great and I love the photo templates. I must look for those templates in the boutique.

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YAY! for you! Love how your year is ending with this magical layout! I really like your photo and how you gave it sole focus - what else is christmas all about if not the joy of children? Wonderful job in finishing and I've enjoyed looking through your pages... Now, on to 2012, huh? :D No rest for the weary - those weeks keep marching on! :)

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This is just a fabulous page, Brenda! I love every little detail about it - especially love the split photo and the kids are just so cute! Great background paper!

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