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Project SG April Layout 2

Here's my layout for the second half of April. We've been having such beautiful weather that I've been outside more -- and actually remembering to bring my camera (most of the time.) There are really 10 photos here, but I couldn't find my number "10" button for some reason, so "2" is actually two pictures of DH's Easter egg. I hope that's not confusing. :huh: I'll do a search for the missing number before I get this printed!


Journaling reads: last half of April:

1 - 2. We’ve been Skyping with the darling grandkids. Here they are looking at DH’s plastic Easter egg from his childhood. They especially liked seeing the cute village scene inside.

3. The studio where I take yoga every week is moving. I had my last class there April 22. We were all a little sad, but I’m also looking forward to seeing the new studio. I took a picture of the bougainvillea plant outside the old place.

4- 6 I spent some time these last two weeks taking pictures outside around the house. 4. A cardinal building a nest in our yard. 5. a gecko on the screen. 6. Our gardenia bush is blooming. It smells wonderful.

7 - 8: DH and spent an afternoon wandering around Selby Botanical Gardens. I snapped bunches of pictures.

9. I get my hair cut every month, but this time I remembered to ask if I could snap a picture of my stylist’s station.

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Lovely Diane - I like how these bi-monthly layouts of yours are working out! Love your great photos - especially those cute kiddies and the gecko on the screen. Also really like the different colors you used for your background and the different embellishements on the page. Isn't it funny how this project prompts you to take neat photos of ordinary things - I love it! :)

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Wonderful group of photos...love Skyping with family, too.

Like how you numbered the journaling with the photos.

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Lovely page! Your photos are gorgeous, and I like that they have only one main subject. The journaling is wonderful, too! With the numbering, it is easy to follow along.

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