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It was just the piece I was needing for this layout I had started from a previous "create your own brush" challenge. Where you take a brush you have and then stamp, flip & rotate -- great fun! The result was my background paper. Thanks for the wonderful "loving spring" freebie for my "winter" layout!




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Fabulous, awesome paper you've chosen for that great photo, Jo! I love the red and yellow combination! Great layout, as always!

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You created a wonderful paper to highlight your photo! I like the effect you used to highlight the yellow and red in the picture. Turning the freebie into a black mat for your title is a great idea. Striking page!

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Great photo and lovely background paper. I love the brush that you used to make the paper and the freebie is just perfect for your layout.

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Fabulous background paper! I love it! It looks wonderful with the photo's strong color blocks. Lovely use of the freebie and lovely blending, too. I think this whole layout is great!

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