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Sat 4/28 CC - Quick Brown Fox

Sat 4/28 CC - Quick Brown Fox

There was no lazy dog to jump over, but one night up at Jim and Liz's cabin, as dusk fell, a fox flitted by us as we sat around the campfire eating símores. It may have been the same fox that Riley scared away from its den by the cabin earlier in the year. I tried to snap some pictures, but like a phantom, it was there and then gone.

To our surprise, the fox came back a short while later. We think it wanted a taste of our s'mores, but we didnít oblige. The fox was always alert, running quickly from place to place and looking around even when it paused to scratch itself. These much edited photos are the best I could get, but it's still fun to remember the unique experience.

Many items were re-colored to match challenge colors
CU photo mask and texture for background photo
Font: Segoe Print

    Sue this is lovely I especially like the mix of blended photos with those is sharp focus. what a sleek and proud looking beast that fox is. Great work to capture him with your camera.
    I think your photos are perfect. I love the big photo at the top and bottom and the small ones in the middle.The stitching is lovely and the like the alpha.
    Great pics, Sue! I've tried to capture pics of foxes here and just couldn't get anything as good as these so I really enjoyed seeing yours! Love the pics of the cabin and the fire in your layout! Maybe you should have offered him a s'more? LOL
    Wow - I'm impressed by these photos, Sue! The only times I've seen a fox it was gone before I even THOUGHT about the camera! I like the way you've split the page. We get the whole story in pictures, with the emphasis on the fox. The colors are great for the color challenge, and, I LOVE your title. (and the fact that it was done with typewriter keys.) :lol:
    I like everything about your layout. The split page is great, the 3 photos of the fox in the middle are fabulous, his colors are so rich and his body is beautiful including that fuzzy tail. The colors and stitching to frame the page is really great. I may try to use your layout as a template for my own. Love it.
    Great photos of the fox! The rich colors of this challenge are perfect for his fur and the natural setting of your photos. I like how you placed the journaling on the vellum strip. I like the stitching too! Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Oh wow, this is just fabulous! I love your photos of the fox, and the way you layered the background photos. The storytelling in your journaling is wonderful, too!
    Sue, I had to look twice! I thought that was a rabbit in those pictures but it was his amazing tail!! What great shots!! I also love how you used the blended pics to set the scene and the detailed ones to show us your quick brown fox...what a fabulous sight and a wonderful story :-) the whole design is marvelous and I grinned at what Diane said about the typewriter keys (she did mean the old typing test didn't she?!) about the typewriter keys, very cryptic and clever :-) wonderful page!
    How very lucky you were to have a visit from him!!! And a great job with the LO, too.
    I love this! I'm impressed with your blending, and the photos.