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Reading is the Key

Reading is the Key

The key to success in school is reading, so Harry and I tried to teach our boys the love of reading when they were very young by providing lots of books and reading to them often. They also could stay up half an hour later if they read, so here they all are, ready for bed, quietly "reading" on the couch.

Golden Vanity by Jen Reed (one of my favorite kits!); photo mask by KimB; fonts: SchoolScriptDashed, Pea Katie

    This looks great! The mask or whatever you used, really sets the cute photo off.
    What a great photo!!! Love the mask and love the colors you chose to go with the photo!
    I love that picture! The colors in the layout work so well with it.
    GREAT photo and wonderful journaling! Perfect papers and embellishments too - I love it!
    I so agree! Reading is such a big part of our family life ;)
    Great layout and I love the journaling.

    What a fantastic photo and very special layout. I love the blending and the key. I think if I had a layout like this I would frame it. Wonderful job.
    I love the blending and the way you framed the page. Great journalling too.
    This really does look like something you could frame. Love it!
    Delightful photo! How did you get them all to sit so stlll for this cute pic? I love your blending and the way you've framed this layout! Nicely done!