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Mon 4/30 - Some Things Never Change

Mon 4/30 - Some Things Never Change

This was an unplanned re-do of a previous photo. A year or two after the boys and Harry squeezed into one of those little cars on huge springs that rock back and forth, I found a photo from 19 years earlier of my much smaller boys doing the same thing. It was much easier to do when they were smaller.

Journaling: These pictures prove it. Just like little boys, big boys like to play with little cars. Mine like to all squeeze into the smallest car they can find.

Let It Rock by Vicki and Sara; Fonts: Pea Katie, Stamp Act Jumbled, Arial

    Oh this is too funny! And so true! :lol:
    I love the colors. Those chains across the top look great with the chains holding the photos and sign. Fun page!
    Funny!! Great page.
    Fun photos and lovely layout. I love the chains and colors. Great title.
    Great photos and layout. Boys really will be boys.
    Thanks for the smile Sue! :) Too cute! Really like how you have the photos hanging together on the chains!
    This made me smile too! And brought tears to my eyes at the same time. This is so sweet. The blue background is a great backdrop for the photos. I love the hanging chains. Thanks for taking the challenge, Sue.
    Two brilliant photos, I really like the chains you used and all the fastenings.
    How funny! Love these photos and the clever title. Hope you didn't have to tow them home with a set of those chains!