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Old Photo Challenge Mon 30 Apr

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This is a great challenge. Pictured above is the street view of the terrace houses that my FIL and his close friend bought side by side almost 30 years ago. MY FIL had bought the house for investment purposes and had it rented it out to a local family for a long time, but some years ago the tenants vacated the place, we got married, and we moved in!


For some reason, my FIL likes to compose photos like this, including lots of background but with very little focus on the people. i did take a few close-ups of my family in my re-enactment of the scene, but for this layout, i chose to stay true to my FIL's style. If anyone's wondering, my hubby's the little boy in red, and the woman with the big hair on the left is my MIL.

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Awww... your hubby was such a cute kid! The scenes look very different to me -- there were a lot of changes since the first pictures were taken. How nice to have the photos! I like the numbers in a circle, too.

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Wow, this is so interesting! I had nothing for this challenge, LOL. The "now" photos are almost unrecognizable compared to the "then" photos. I think the houses look softer with the trees now. The playground has changed completely! I like how you framed the group photo and used the numbers to connect all the photos. Very well done!

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I like how you recreated the photo from the past so accurately. It's so interesting to see both the home and the playground, and how each has changed over the years. I like the date circle behind and the frame around the people.

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