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Th 5/3 - Me Go, Too!

Th 5/3 - Me Go, Too!

In this case, I think a picture is worth a thousand words. You can almost hear 21-month-old Steven asking to with Harry down the stairs to the dock. But Harry was going to wade in the water to work on his parents' wooden dock that had been weakened by the winter ice, definitely not a place for a little boy. You can almost see how sad Steven was not to go with his daddy. I'm glad I grabbed my camera and caught this little impromptu "drama" enacted by my son.

Talk Bubble: Me go, too, Daddy!
Thought Bubble: I sad me not go with Daddy.

Reflections of the Heart by Jen Reed; spatter mask by KimB; scraplifted from template by KimB; Fonts: Pea Katie Jo, Pea Katie

    Great layout. I really like the composition you used here.
    Awww.. Such wonderfully sweet photos and you really CAN see his wish to go! Love how you arranged the pics with your journailng in the middle. Great layout! :)
    I LOVE this layout. your use of white space is sensational and what a great story, well done
    The photos say it all, but I absolutely love the talk bubbles! Adorable. I love the colors and how you've arranged everything. The spring embellishments are delightful.
    Great use of the talk/thought bubbles! Glad you went that way. It makes the scene all the more sweet. Great white space and lovely colors too. Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Such cute photos and the speech bubbles work so well. Love the pretty layout and the collection that you used.
    Awww, poor wittle ting! Wonderful photos and story! I keep studying your embellishments and shadows to see how you created such depth. Love this!
    So pretty and cheerful Love the composition.
    Oh, I LOVE this! Beautifully done with the flow of the page. The story and the photos are wonderful