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Old Challenge - 28 Feb 12 - Lucas & the Cheeseburger

Old Challenge - 28 Feb 12 - Lucas & the Cheeseburger

This is a really old freebie challenge that I did, but never uploaded. Lucas is 17 now, and not doing well at all. We've got a hard decision to make soon. Life will be strange without him - he's been stealin' my bed pillows for the past 17 years. :) Anyway, TFL.

KME_ButterflyFX_Paper_Special-Dabbed - freebie paper that looks like my flooring! Coordinates with Butterfly Effect
SG_ANarrative_Emb_JRE_Bow - bow colored green
Tulle brush by Lefkoi Lykoi

    I love it! I love the title with so many descriptive words in it - how creative! LOVE the photo of the dog with the Sonic bag in his mouth! What a character he must be! Fabulous layout!
    Wonderful LO for a wonderful friend. :) He's a sweetheart!
    Oh, such a wonderful page! Your journaling is great and photos and extractions just super. Really like the ribbon and titles and the word collage you put together is just fabulous! :)
    What a dear, dear story and you have scrapped it perfectly. What a wonderful job you did on his extractions.

    All of us pet owners know what you’re going through and wish you strength getting through this last step together. 17—wow! That’s more years than I’ve gotten to spend with any of my life-time dogs. You are very lucky.
    I love your journaling! Lucas sounds like a great dog... with good taste (Cabot Vermont Extra-Sharp White Cheddar is a favorite of mine as well, lol.) Great extractions and I love how the ribbon flows between the photos. The WA is outstanding! Great page. I wish Lucas (and you) well. Thanks for telling us something about him.
    Lovely page! Lucas sounds very special. Through your journaling the love you have for him shines through as you provide what he needs in the last stages now. I like the photo of Lucas holding the bag. The word cloud is a great touch.
    What a precious layout! Lucas must be very dear to your heart. You're welcome to post a thread in the prayers and praises section of the forum to keep us posted on how it's going. I don't know how I would have gotten through the loss of our DJ without the support of my Scrap Girls family. Blessings to you all.
    You did a great job on this, Smokey. Love your word stacks! I had missed this, and glad I cam back. Layouts don't stay up long on the board anymore. You di a great job recoloring the ribbon!Lucas looks happy.
    How sweet. It's true that we'll do anything for the pet we love so much. Love your page. Great journaling and pics. Praying that your tough decision. Had to make that one myself 10 years ago. I can say that I absolutely knew when it was the time. Blessings to you all.
    I read this to my DH. He thought it was so funny. We have got a dog that won't eat anything. I love the photos and the Wordle words. Your page is lovely.