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Friday Challenge 4 May (Purple)

Friday Challenge 4 May (Purple)

The photo was taken during the toast to the wedding couple during my cousin's wedding dinner. Some very westernised couples have instructed guests to say an awkwardly elegant CHEERS, but most opt for the traditional YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM SENG, which in Cantonese means drink to victory. It's a volume-cum-breath holding contest among all the guests, at least 3 rounds are mandatory, and if you ask me, a Chinese wedding dinner just isn't the same without it.

The Chinese characters are my cousin's name. Coincidentally, the large purple character actually means 'purple'. i would add on her husband's name somewhere, but i have no idea how it's written. Anyway, let's just let this be a tribute to my little cousin, now a bride. i just came across some photos of her during childhood the other day, and i'm now feeling oddly nostalgic.

Journalling reads:
Cousin Jee Wei and i haven’t kept in touch, and i know next to nothing about her newlywed husband or even how to write his name. What i do know is this - this little cousin of mine, whom i always thought of as a kid coz of the 6 years between us, has now officially grown up. This hawker’s firstborn daughter now looked every inch an elegant and sophisticated young lady... until she opened her mouth and i realised that she’s still the same old boisterous, funloving girl i had known through childhood. It’s oddly comforting to know, that in the midst of all the changes in the world, some things, or people, still stay the same.
Here’s wishing you a blessed marriage, Cousin. As we say, may the both of you grow old and white, together.

    great job on the masking, and your layout has a lovely design. Your journaling adds so much to the layout. They really are a great looking couple. :) Thanks for joining in this week's Friday customer submitted challenge!
    I enjoyed reading journaling and looking at your page. The characters are pretty and the little love birds are so sweet. Your cousin and her husband look lovely and the purple layout is such a pretty compliment to the wedding photo.
    What a handsome couple. I love the love birds in the heart and the pretty colors.Lovely journaling and very interesting custom.
    Great LO and I particularly love all the journalling. Well done. Kay
    Oh, so sweet! I loved reading the journaling. And who doesn't like purple?! Thanks for sharing.