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HNC Me - Brighton Belle

HNC Me - Brighton Belle

This is a famous building in the town where I was born, and me aged about 9 months.

Supplies in EXIF

For anyone who might be interested the building is the Royal Pavilion built between 1787 and 1823 by the then Prince Regent, who went on to become King George IV.

    Valerie, that is such a cute photo. What a stunning building. What place is that? Lovely layout with a pretty paper and border. Love the font.
    Love the baby pic. My friend grew up in Brighton and I always heard all about the beach there.
    You were so cute! I like the whole page, and the history is interesting.
    I really like the color scheme here! You were adorable!
    Brings back memories of the times we spent in Brighton, we had so much fun and often used to go down for the day :) What a cute photo of you :)
    Oh, what a darling photo. I really like the colors you used and how you included the photo of the building. Wonderful job. :)
    What an adorable baby you were! Putting a picture from the place you were born was a great idea! Wonderful alpha and background paper!
    You were an adorable baby! I love how your crocheted outfit and blanket look like the "gingerbread" on the Royal Pavilion. Sweet flower embellies and great color combo for the two pictures.
    Oh, you were adorable! Somehow, I can't reconcile those onion domes being in England and not Russia or India, LOL. Your papers are very pretty, and I love the title font. A sweet and interesting page!
    What a lovely page! That's so neat that you included your photo with the elegant building photo - really puts a neat spin on a "where you came from" page.