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Project 52 - Week 18

Project 52 - Week 18

Here's Week 18 and for today I am up to date!
Please NOTE: the photos/circles are actually Ang's wonderful "Lots of Shots" templates!
Journaling reads:
"Sunday I tried the TeaPosy flowering teapot Judi sent me. VERY pretty.. National Parks were free so I visited Thomas Edison's Lab & house in my town... Tuesday was watercolor class - back to working on the miniature of my Teton photo. Then for bloodwork. Here's the chair waiting for me. Scary huh? Our rhododendrons are already blooming!... Wednesday was Dermatologist and skin check - there's my clothes while I wait for the doctor... Thursday was Phoenix Yoga, errands & taxiing... Friday was Art Journaling class - the mountain road gets greener each week... Saturday was spent in SG chats for NSD from 6am to 9pm. I actually completed EIGHT LOs & attended all chats! Amazing how tiring sitting in a chair on a laptop all day can be! Whew... :)"
For this layout I used:
ACA DLO Templates: Lots of Shots 3
SNUCamille's Garden Collection Mini
SNU Brush Set: Painted
STI Fall Watercolors Collection Mini
VRA 2Health Collection (retired)
TKA House Calls Collection (retired)
and my own photos & layouts

    Busy week with some great photos Marylyn. I really love that template, Pretty colors.
    Fabulous photos, Marilyn - love the template you've used! I enjoyed your journaling of your week, as always - busy, busy week but your weeks always looks so interesting and fun!
    You go girl!! I don't know how you fit so much into your week! I love seeing that road getting greener each week and I also love all the little bits that tell the story on your pages... you always have just the right photos and cute little embellishments to add! The gardens and the painting and the teapot all add touches of beauty to your week, lovely... I just miss seeing what delicious food you ate this week!!!!
    I like the art class/journaling class/yoga part of your week. The blood and doctor parts, not so much. Poor sweetie. But at least the flowers are blooming! And I got to spend the Saturday part of your week with you in the chats, lol!
    One thing about Ang: she understands our need for templates with lots of places for photos! Great layout!
    You are one busy little person! I hope you are enjoying your classes. I took watercolor for awhile, but wasn't very good at it. Your layout and photos are really great!

    One thing about Ang: she understands our need for templates with lots of places for photos! Great layout!

    You know that's because Ang has a Takes-Way-More-Pictures-Than-Necessary Disorder right? And she suffers from Can't-Leave-Any-Photo-Out Syndrome, as well? ;)
    Great layout! Contains so much detail without being crowded and cluttery. Such a great way to document your year :) I'm extremely impressed with people who keep up with their SG 52 projects!! You rock!
    Wonderful photos and journaling! I like the template you picked for your page. You're even up to date!! Excellent!! I only lasted a week or two before giving up totally.
    What a pretty teapot, fun LO!