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14may12 Monday Challenge - things that fly

14may12 Monday Challenge - things that fly

After today's efforts this was too obvious!!!


    rofl, this is too funny! I absolutely love it!
    Cracking up!!! Jody, your layouts are the best! *g*
    Laughing out loud here.. :rofl: I think I had those same sons.

    Love the cute pigs and your super background!
    OMG! I LOVE This!!!
    Too funny. Love it.
    Giggling, Jode - I LOVE THIS! Looks as if pigs definitely did fly at your house today! Give those boys a high five!
    What a cute page! I like the child-like sketching that you used on this page --- very appropriate! Your page made me laugh!! LOL
    Oh so funny! What a great way to highlight your sons' chivalrous behavior. Love those pigs with that background. Great whimsical LO. WAIT!!! There's no ribbon or swirl on this page....are you feeling OK? :D
    LOVE this, Jode and me too - got a good chuckle out of this one! Really like your flying pigs (especially their feathery wings) and the colored pencil drawings. Wonderful layout! :)
    Haha... i like the coloured pencil background. As for your boys and their lovely behaviour, just enjoy it while it lasts, don't question it! =)