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May 15 - Freebie - Siblings

May 15 - Freebie - Siblings

My children...Allyson and Jonathan...goofing around!

ShabbyPrincess SS Alpha

    Oh this is just plain fun! I love the pics and especially love the way you've done the title!! Very cool :)
    Very cute photos! I think these two must really get along okay or they wouldn't pose like this. I like the three different photos at different angles and blending modes. The little boy and girl on the bottom add a nice touch to your siblings page. I like the bursts of color with the stars, too.
    What a great display of their love for eachother. So sweet to see they get along so well. I like your layering of the different black and white papers and also really like your string frames!
    Wonderful LO. Your layers of black and white texture are great backgrounds for those fun photos. Love the paper dolls and paper stars. Bet there is never a dull moment at your house!
    Thank you all! As far as the kids getting along...they are MUCH better now that they are older. Allyson was 8 when Jonathan was born, so there has always been a bit of jealousy there! The pics snapped before the ones used in the layout have them wrestling each other!
    I love the little pops of color with the black and white color scheme. What fun photos.

    My kids were five years apart and fought all the time. They were just becoming friends when our daughter left the house at 17 and our son was 12.
    Love the title - how the letters are separate but overlapping. Just like siblings!
    I love the paper dolls. They are just perfect for the photos. Great layout and word art.
    Such cute and playful photos! Love how you have put your layout together!